Teen Debit Cards

Available to teens 13 and up with a checking account

Does your teen need a debit card to purchase lunch or treats? Or for use in case of emergency?

Debit cards are available to First Checking account holders ages 13 and up. Your teen will need a photo ID which can be a student ID, passport, driver’s license, or other government issued ID.

A parent or legal guardian will need to be on the bank account until the teen is age 18. The adult must have a photo ID and verifiable mailing address to open the account. For security purposes, the adult and teen will need to come into a branch to open an account and request the debit card together.

The debit card will be attached to a checking account where the teen can deposit checks, receive a fund transfer, or set up direct deposit from an employer. Also, the bank account can be connected to Venmo, PayPal, and other payment apps for online payments.

Visit a Branch to Open



New Contactless Debit Cards in 2022! Learn more.

Debit cards can be used to:

  • Make purchases online or in person at your favorite stores.
  • Take cash out of your account from one of 37,000 ATMs that are surcharge-free in the MoneyPass network.

Manage your account:

Both the adult and teen will be responsible for any overdraft activity and fees, if applicable. For the best experience, we recommend the following tips to avoid overspending.

  • Online Banking: Track your balance and account activity in real-time. Sign up for online banking
    • TIP: Set up low-balance alerts to track when the account balance falls below $100 or whatever amount you choose. Alerts can be sent via text or email.
  • Mobile Apps: Download our mobile app to bank from your phone.

  • google-play      apple-store

Good to know:

  • Gas Pumps: Some gas stations require you to have a $125 minimum balance in your account in order to use the pump. You can prepay inside the station with your debit card.
  • Stay Alert to Fraud: Do not recognize a transaction? Report immediately to stop misuse. 800-800-1577



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