Business Debit Card

New in 2022 - contactless debit cards! 

With your Visa business debit card, you can withdraw money from ATMs using your pin, shop online, and make purchases in person with your pin and/or signature. Funds are deducted directly from your checking account balance. Debit cards are available to all business customers with a checking account.

Features and Benefits:

  • 24/7 ATM access for convenient availability of cash 
  • Provides universal access to funds 
  • Payment amounts are deducted from checking account, just like writing a check 
  • Use worldwide wherever Visa is accepted 
  • Cash is available at various points of sale nationwide with MoneyPass® network 
  • No annual fee. Other fees may apply. See the Fee Schedule for details. 


  • ATM withdrawals have a standard $1,000 daily limit. The default limit can be modified in advance by cardholder.
  • Point-of-sale purchases and cashback are limited to the account balance.

MoneyPass® ATM Network:

Access your accounts from any of the 37,000 ATMs in the MoneyPass® network – and all are surcharge-free! Just look for the MoneyPass® logo and use your First Fed Debit Card. Download the MoneyPass App to find a MoneyPass ATM nearest you or visit  

Note: A $2.50 fee will be charged for each withdrawal from ATMs outside of the MoneyPass network. 


Contactless Debit Cards

Contactless cards are a secure, convenient, and touch-free way to pay for everyday purchases. 

Our new contactless cards are available to new business checking customers starting in January 2022. All existing active cardholders will also receive a new contactless debit card by the end of June 2022, either when their card expires or as part of a reissue. 

Contactless Debit FAQs

First Fed Business Debit Card


Card Activation and PIN Changes

First Fed’s enhanced card service is a 24 x 7 toll free system, allowing customers to activate their new, reissued or replacement cards just by calling 1-800-567-3451. Cardholders will now have the added convenience of the following services available:

  • Activate a card
  • Activate a card and select a new PIN
  • Reset a forgotten PIN
  • Change a known PIN