Compass Account

Need a basic bank account but you lack traditional forms of ID? We can help.

Compass is a safe, low-cost account with Bank On certification. Compass Checking was created in partnership with Bank On Washington, which aims to increase access to financial resources. Bank On Washington is especially focused on assisting youth, immigrants and refugees, veterans, and families with disabilities with access to financial services. A bank account is a useful resource that can help lay a solid foundation for financial empowerment.

Compass account features:

  • Checking account to support deposits and payments online or via ATMs
  • VISA debit card with contactless technology
  • Designed to be check-free
  • Free e-statements
  • No overdraft program – spend only what you have
  • No fees for non-sufficient funds (NSF)
  • Low $5 monthly maintenance fee

Please visit one of our branches to sign up. See our locations.


Is Compass the right direction for you?

Answer these questions to see if Compass Checking fits your needs.

  • Do you lack traditional forms of identification like a driver’s license or passport? We accept consular ID cards, tribal member cards, and other government issued cards.
  • Do you need paper checks? If the answer is no, Compass may be a fit.
  • Do you want to spend only what you have in your account? Compass does not charge NSF fees, and there is no overdraft program associated so you can spend only what is in the account.
  • Do you plan to keep over $100 in your account? If you can keep that minimum in your account, we recommend our Evergreen checking account which waives the monthly maintenance fee with a $100 minimum account balance.


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