Overdraft Line of Credit

Overdraft Line of Credit

Our Overdraft Line of Credit is a loan attached to your First Fed checking account for overdraft protection which can be used as a "rainy day" financial tool. If you run out of money in your attached checking account, the line of credit can cover expenses so that you avoid bouncing checks, missing payments, or having your debit card denied.

All account holders on the linked checking account or savings account must also be on the line of credit. Access fees may apply. Fees for Overdraft Lines of Credit include $10 a day for use, $35 annual fee, and accumulated interest as a part of your loan. Any loan payments are automatically deducted from the same First Fed account that is being covered by the loan. If you are interested in details about overdraft practices, download our Overdraft Disclosure PDF.


Apply Online

Steps to apply online

  1. First enter your zip code
  2. Click “Yes” for “Would you like a Line of Credit?”
  3. Click “Yes” for “Will this line of credit be used as overdraft protection?”
  4. Click “Overdraft Protection” for select a purpose
  5. Loan Amount: Enter how much funding you would like the line to have available, for use only as needed.
  6. Follow the remaining instructions to provide personal information, contact information, address, etc.
  7. You can add a co-applicant, whoever is on the checking or savings account that you would like to have linked to the Overdraft Line of Credit.


Questions? Call us at 800-800-1577 or contact us for follow up. Our team is happy to help!