Overdraft Protection

Overdraft services allow a transaction to go through when there are insufficient funds in your account, rather than the payment being rejected.  

Our Standard Overdraft Practices automatically come with checking and money market accounts and allow us to authorize and pay overdrafts for checks and automatic bill payments. For additional overdraft coverage on ATM and debit card transactions, you can sign up for our ATM/Debit Overdraft Services. 

We also offer an Overdraft Line of Credit which is only used if your account goes into the negative. Or if you have other First Fed deposit accounts, you can authorize our Overdraft Protection Plan by connecting your accounts. These options may be less expensive than our standard overdraft practices. In addition, we recommend setting up low balance alerts in online banking or your mobile banking app. 

Find the overdraft protection solutions that work for you: 

Overdraft Protection Type Standard Overdraft PracticesATM/Debit Overdraft Services Overdraft Protection PlansOverdraft Line of Credit
DetailsIn most circumstances, we will cover overdrafts for check payments and automatic payments from your account.* Opt-in for more comprehensive overdraft coverage, which allows us to include ATM and debit card transactions.* Connect a secondary First Fed account to automatically draw funds from when your account goes into a negative balance. An overdraft line of credit is only used when your bank account goes into a negative balance. 
How to sign upMost accounts are automatically enrolled.  Contact us at 800-800-1577, visit a branch, or fill out and mail in this form.  Contact us at 800-800-1577, or visit a branch to connect your First Fed accounts. Apply now for a line of credit with First Fed to help cover any overdrafts.

*We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction. You may also choose to fully opt out of First Fed’s Standard Overdraft Practices at any time, which means we will return any items when you do not have a sufficient balance to pay them. When you opt out of our Standard Overdraft Practices, you are also opting out of ATM and point of sale debit card overdraft coverage. Please read Important Information about Overdrafts for detailed disclosures.