ourfirstfed Partners

PARTNERSHIP:  Two or more people working together toward common interests or goals; a bonding relationship - this is not only the meaning of the word; it's what ourfirstfed Partners Program is. First Fed partners with you to highlight your business success stories!



Our Commitment

As a true community bank, we have a commitment to partner with our local businesses. In Washington, small businesses make up 98% of all employers. We recognize this integral element of our community, and are committed to providing financial tools to increase productivity, growth and revenue as we join together as partners to strengthen our local economy.

We understand that running a business has never been more challenging. As a result, we have created ourfirstfed Partners designed to help your business grow and prosper. We take this partnership seriously. We not only provide you with financial tools for success; but as a true partner, we help promote your business too!

Find out what it means to be one of ourfirstfed Partners. We're happy to talk with you about financial resources & marketing tools that could benefit your business!


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