Certificates of Deposit


Certificate of Deposits allow for customers to earn a competitive fixed interest rate while maintaining their liquidity requirements. Any maturity date can be chosen within the available terms below.

Target Market:

For deposit customers looking to earn higher interest.

Available Term:

46 to 90 Day, 3 Mo, 6 Mo, 1 Yr, 2 Yr, 3 Yr, 4 Yr, and 5 Yr


No monthly maintenance fee. A penalty will be imposed for withdrawing any of the principal before maturity. The penalty will be calculated on the principal withdrawn and will be charged regardless of whether or not it has been earned. Penalty amounts vary depending upon the term of the account.


Annual (Monthly/Quarterly available upon request)


Minimum deposit of $100 to open. Interest is compounded daily and credited to the account monthly and at maturity. Automatically renews at current interest rate for the same term. See account disclosure or deposit rate sheet for more information.


Flexible term

The ability to choose a maturity date that works around your schedule

Daily interest compounding

Maximize interest-earning potential


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