1973 50th Anniversary

Aug 26, 2022, 15:42 PM
Title : 1973 50th Anniversary
Display Heading : 50th Anniversary Celebration
Display Date : 1973
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Milestone date : Dec 31, 1972, 19:00 PM
"At First Federal the year 1973 marked the Association's fiftieth anniversary and it celebrated in style. The S&L's staff had grown to nineteen people, yet the close-knit, family atmosphere remained. For the week-long celebration, the women on staff wore hand made matching gold vests and men wore matching goldprint ties. New stationery was printed with the words: "Our 50th Year" placed next to a new logo that was designed by employees Karry Kreider and Jean Graham. The logo featured two bold letters "F", one placed vertically over the other and both surrounded by a thin rectangular border. Gone was the original florid script and in its place was  simple, contemporary type."
First Fed 1973 50th
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