Lost or Stolen Cards

If you lose your card or see suspicious activity you can lock your card to prevent further transactions: 

  • In online banking or our mobile banking app, select "Card Control Settings" under “Account Services.”  
  • Switch “Card Status” to OFF. This will prevent your card from being used until you activate it again.
  • You can turn your card on if you find it again.

To report a card lost or stolen:  

You can call any time to report a card lost or stolen with our 24-hour service. Call our customer service number at 800-800-1577 and choose “lost or stolen card” from the menu.  

Our after-hours customer service can review recent transactions for fraud, and permanently shut down your card at your request. If you permanently shut down your card you will need to have a new card with a new number sent to you. To get a new card sent out, call Customer Service or visit a branch during business hours.  

Still have questions? Connect with our Customer Service team.