ATM/Visa Debit Card


With a VISA debit card, funds are deducted directly from a checking account balance, just like a withdrawal or paid check. One card enables both ATM and POS (point of sale) transactions using a PIN or signature for authorization.

Target Market:

All checking account customers who have already qualified through ChexSystems.


Fees may apply. See Fee Schedule for details.

A fee of $2.50 will be charged for each withdrawal from an ATM not owned or operated by First Federal. Fees will be waived if the ATM is part of the MoneyPass network.


There is a $500 daily ATM withdrawal limit. Point-of-sale purchases are limited to the account balance.


24/7 ATM access

Convenient availability of cash as needed

Payment amounts are deducted from checking account, just like writing a check

Provides universal access to funds, no check writing required

Use worldwide wherever VISA is accepted

Enjoy virtually universal acceptance

Cash or cash back is available at various points of sale nationwide with MoneyPass network

You will receive no fees if using an ATM in the MoneyPass Network for cash withdrawals or balance inquiries.

No annual fee

You save money and gain convenience






Visa Purchase Alerts

With Visa Purchase Alerts powered by Visa, you can receive near real-time updates on your Visa® card activity. So you can act quickly to help reduce fraud and monitor your account, wherever you are. And Visa Purchase Alerts powered by Visa is free for First Federal Visa cardholders. Sign up at



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