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Hello, my name is Halina. I am always grateful for the opportunity to serve as a financial advisor but most importantly to help build successful financial futures. Planning a financial future is a huge personal responsibility. It’s not just about how much money you can accumulate but the best way to go about it. There are as many ways to save and plan as there are savers and planners. However, the only plan that matters is the one that works best for you. In my many years as a Financial Advisor I have had the privilege to work with folks at many varying stages in their lives and careers. Ultimately it was the attention to their personal needs, circumstances and commitments that served as the building blocks to successful planning.


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Hello, my name is Jason. I come to First Federal with world-class skills from a bachelor’s from Gonzaga University, a master’s from Yale University, and a master’s from Fordham University.  Having grown up on the Olympic Peninsula, I came home as soon as possible to work in a Weyerhaeuser lumbermill and in Olympic National Park.  My background as an Eagle Scout worked well in both places as I combined public service with a can-do attitude and a love for the outdoors.  I helped showcase the Olympic Peninsula for the reality survival series, “Dual Survival,” on the Discovery Channel.  I even wrote a book called “Best of the Olympic Peninsula” that highlighted the many great businesses on the Olympic loop.  I have invested in our home towns my entire life.

I love this place and have found a home at First Federal, where neighbors at work are neighbors active in our community.  Having spent time studying corporate finance and working in financial services, I was looking for a community bank that combined my home town sentiments with cutting-edge technologies.  Having watched so many logs go into a mill and come out as units of lumber, I can’t help think of dollars and cents the same way.  The difference is that those customers built homes with our lumber, and at First Federal we build dreams.  We plan.  We check in.  We care.


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